Gabriella Buckingham

Painting and Illustration

Thank you for taking an interest in my work. I've been illustrating and painting professionally for over 20 years.

I adore colour and the accidental marks that give a painting or inked drawing life.  If you are looking for a versatile illustrator who creates decorative, expressive work then I can help. I'm also able to use my lettering and hand writing skills to create vector (scaleable) writing for use in your branding and packaging. I will be showing examples here soon!

During my career I have illustrated several children's books, hundreds of greeting cards, many gift wrap designs and lots of romantic fiction, floral and food images for magazines as well as miscellaneous illustrations for educational publications.

In 2007 I started my own brand of stationery and hand painted gifts for children called Moobaacluck - now part of Inkpaintpaper

Having moved many times in my life I am now happily living near the sea in Norfolk with my husband and two high school age children and I do the messy work in my octagonal summer house studio at the bottom of our wild garden before finalising any illustration elements or pattern designs in my indoor studio where I have electricity!


My Story

As a child I used to love looking at impressionist and post impressionist paintings: Degas, Toulouse Latrec, Raoul Dufy, Odilon Redon, Matisse and Chagall; there are so many painters that seemed magical to me. I remember copying a small Monet in my early teens and I was really pleased with the outcome! Sadly I don't have the picture anymore.. but perhaps that's just as well.  

I was born in Essex to a Lithuaian/Scottish mother and English father (as far as I know) and went to school in Cambridge all my life and during my foundation course there had to choose between studying fashion, painting or graphics which was really difficult! I don't regret the choice I made but I sometimes wonder what might have happened if I'd chosen fine art. I left to take a graphic design degree in Kingston Upon Thames, switching half way through to illustration.  Despite this I feel very much self taught and really only learned to illustrate through working for 3 years as an in house Christmas artist for International Greetings in the 1990s. After a couple of years as a product manager at another card company I left to freelance full time and have worked for a wide variety of publishers. 

The best paid job I ever had was a day being filmed painting oranges on lace for a how to paint watercolour book by Dorling Kindersley. Quite a challenge but at that point I wasn't phased! Other more curious commissions include: a life size little girl with cat basket for display at an exhibition for Lloyds bank; and a set of prints I designed for Rosentiels publishing were filmed burning in Coronation Street by Jim ( I forget his surname) and I did a pastel drawing for Eastenders - a portrait supposedly by a Paris artist for Bianca; in one episode of the BBC sit. com One foot in the Grave, Richard commissions a house portrait, which I painted. Small claims to fame!

Throughout my life I have painted sporadically purely for myself and have sold many of these to private collections; to date I've had one solo exhibition at the Garden House Gallery in Norfolk and have taken part in Open Studios. 

My clients include: 

Ladybird books, Oxford University Press, Armadillo Books, Red Robin Press, Ling Design, Hallmark, Waitrose, Sainsburys, Avocado, Lloyds Bank, GE Magazines. IPC Magazines, GE Magazines, DC Thomson, Paperlink, PaperHouse, Camden Graphics, Gibson Greetings, Phoenix Trading, Hoomark, Card Connection Ltd and Abacus Cards.