A busy December

It's the time of year when I am really busy making hand painted decorations for Christmas that are almost all personalised for children or girlfriends, father's or mothers. It genuinely makes me happy to think I am contributing to people's Christmases ( is that a word?!)) but it's hard work. I am usually working 7 days a week from the middle of November until a couple of days before Christmas. This year I've found orders to be almost the same in volume as last year but happily I've sold more of my paper products which means that although I've had less wooden decorations to paint it's all been a lot easier to manage. Of course I'm itching to get designing again and simply paint for myself. It will actually happen in 2017.

It's not too late to order paper things from Moobaacluck for Christmas... just pop over to https://www.moobaacluck.com to see find my gift wrap and cards..

Happy Christmas!



Gabriella BuckinghamComment