The first week of my January Painting Project - part 2


I love the earrings in this painting and enjoyed the challenge of the pink comb! This is the only A4 size painting that I made this week, all the others are A5 plywood. Here's a picture of this one earlier in the painting process. I've been painting at the desk in my office all week while I work on my challenge in the best light alongside the Inkpaintpaper orders that come in daily. I haven't yet reached a stage where I only have specific days allocated to each business but that is an aim for later in the year. It's much nicer being inside the house rather than in my summer house in the winter.


I always love paintings at this stage, as I write this it seems to me that a composition with less finished areas might be something that could work for me. 

If you are reading this as a novice painter you might like to know what materials I used for all the paintings this week. I have several A5 and A4 pieces of birch plywood which I love because no amount of paint will wrinkle or warp the surface. The materials I used are:

Gesso - in some cases I combined acrylic paint (one or two colours) and Sandable Gesso and in others I used acrylic paint and Acrylic Ground for pastels - both by Golden. Sandpaper! ( the fine grain). 

Paints - I used a mixture of Heavy body and Open acrylics - again by Golden and possibly some Liquetex.  

Brushes - a wide variety. I have two mugs full of brushes  - both good - and scraggy! The latter are wonderful for textural or expressive brush strokes and "sketching" out a painting. I try to use wide flat brushes to cover large areas and use narrower brushes for detail. The brand I have used throughout my career as an illustrator are Prolene ProArte 101 - I find you can use these brushes with watercolour and acrylic and they are perfect for using acrylic as if it is watercolour. 

A detail - I really loved painting this lipstick.. a little bit of glamour

A detail - I really loved painting this lipstick.. a little bit of glamour

Of course you could  stretch watercolour paper with "Butterfly Tape" (as me if you don't know how to do this) or use canvas board instead of birch ply.  For this project  - a daily paint -  a sketchbook could be ideal. Particularly if you are simply experimenting with colour and shape and quick compositions that you might develop later. I am aiming at teaching myself to paint, discovering what I enjoy doing most as a fine art painter rather than an illustrator; I do love to paint one-off images but just from this brief week I know that shapes, ceramics, colour and light are key ingredients . When I am inventing and imagining then light is far more difficult to portray.  I will not worry about it.

This is my final painting - the fourth in five days. I loved painting the lipstick casing - such beautiful colours. 


For next week I am going to work on something completely different - still painting but I am going to concentrate on faces and figures. I shall probably do at least one self portrait. I love paint so much. About two years ago I painted this face completely from imagination. Next week I will not worry about whether something is from life or imagination. It will be fun to see what I think of doing under slight pressure! I hope some of you will want to join in. Find me over at Instagram

blue lady smile.jpg