My first Skillshare Class

For a while now I've wanted to teach and I know other designers and illustrators who have ventured into the online world. I may teach in person at some point but here is the next best thing. 

I have teamed up with Skillshare to create my first class showing how I create hand lettering to inspire others to just have a go. I had no special training. Other than being educated partly by nuns who insisted that we write with italic pens.. so if you count that then I had some sort of grounding in thick and thin. And I studied graphic design for a while but I was more interested in pictures. It was only really in my 40s that I realised that although my family think I have "doctors writing", that actually, it's quite nice with the right materials. Legibility isn't everything - although for a brand it could be. It depends what else supports it. 

If you'd like to see my work process you can watch my class on Skillshare completely free. If you do I would be very grateful if you would review it for me. Each review will help with the visibility of my class. Thank you so much. This is the link to watch it for free

If however you've been meaning to join Skillshare and would like to view my class and all the others there too for two months without paying until after that then you can use this Premium link ,  which I will be rewarded for once your first monthly payment goes through. 

Gabriella BuckinghamComment