A new Instagram challenge for Artists - # artistsinapril

Have you ever taken part in the Instagram challenge #marchmeetthemaker by Joanne Hawker? I have  - it's a great idea and of course it means that Joanne has brought together all sorts of makers, designers and artists. I wanted to do the same for painters, sculptors, filmmakers, ceramicists, fashion designers and illustrators to raise our profiles; have fun; discover things about ourselves; find like-minded connections and potential clients.

This challenge is open to anyone who considers themselves an artist at whatever stage of their career.

I have tried to strike a balance between light-hearted prompts and prompts which inspire a bit more thought and discussion. As artists, we can interpret the prompts in any way which comes to us.

It will be interesting to see a combination of posts from new artists and long-established artists. Assuming people discover the hashtag!! That's where you come in. If you know someone who might want to take part (and that might be one post or all - no whip cracking) then please let them know about it. Share this blog post and or download the prompts. You're welcome to share wherever you hang out on line. Thank you!

You are welcome to comment below. If this goes well I'd like to make it an annual challenge for artists.

When you post your interpretation of the image for the day please include #artistsinapril Day1 self-portrait (for example) and @gabriellabuckingham (crediting me is not essential - it would just be nice so that your followers can find out about the challenge easily - plus I will be able to see your post when you do it!) I'm going to make sure there's a link to this post in my Instagram profile. Ta - Dah!  Go forth and create! I am looking forward to this!