My second Skillshare class - Do you know how to stretch watercolour paper?

gabriella buckingham filming how to stretch watercolour paper

In February this year, I began filming and released my first Skillshare class; it's taken a while to get back to it but a few days ago I published my second class; do you know how to stretch watercolour paper?

It's a simple but essential skill if you're a watercolour painter or simply like to paint on paper. The class itself is only 15 minutes long. If you are quick and use this code you can watch the whole thing for free and you won't have to sign up:

If on the other hand you have been meaning to sign up to Skillshare this code will give you full access to my courses and all the other 1000's on there for two months. Then you can decide whether to pay a subscription from then on. Just click on this link.

If you watch it please leave a review and if you're joining Skillshare come and follow me and check out my courses! Thank you ;)