January 2019 - new challenges

30 day challenge - layers - gabriella buckingham

I always find the start of a new year exciting but daunting because deep down I know that having concrete goals is the way to achieve things but up until now I’ve been averse to setting them. In the past I’ve made plans but usually there’s been one shift I’ve aimed at rather than a list of targets or goals. There are always too many aren’t there? But sometimes I end the year thinking what happened?! Last year I took part in Open Studios which was really enjoyable and financially worth doing. This year it’s my son’s GCSE year and I want to develop my painting without any more pressure other than what I will be putting on myself. So I’ve decided not to take part this year. The great thing about that is I will be able to visit local artist friends taking part and fully enjoy Open Studios that way.

In January for fun and exploration I’m taking part in the 30 day challenge by fellow painter Wendy Brightbill and you can follow my progress on instagram and see links to Wendy on my posts.

Now I have the very large challenge of setting my intentions for the year. I’ve never done this in any detail previously so it will be very interesting to look back and see what I did manage to achieve in twelve months time. I do think writing things down will be a good focus for me. As ever the hardest thing about all this is actually knowing what you want. If you know that then you have something to act on step by step. If you’re too vague, as I have been in the past it’s all too easy to get distracted and fractured and not even recognise success when it happens!

How do you work out what you want? And do you commit things to writing? I’d love to read some of your approaches to this, whatever the time of year.

This is my “layers” piece in response to Wendy’s prompt: