Gabriella Buckingham

Painting and Illustration


Places you can find my work..

As a freelance artist and designer I love variety and of course I need to earn a living to support my family so I create work on print on demand sites too and make some work available in on line shops. Here'a a variety of places to find what I do and buy a little piece of it...


Ink Paint Paper on Etsy

Buy cards, prints, wrapping paper and a few beautifully hand painted wooden decorations here in my shop Ink Paint Paper. You can also find Ink Paint Paper at

Buy my designs at Redbubble

Here you'll find mugs, cushions, tops, scarves, dresses, duvet covers, baby clothing, phone covers and more with my patterns and characters on. 

Buy A5 cards exclusively at Thortful

This is somewhere you can buy top quality unpersonalised cards that I've designed at an A5 scale - bigger than I make myself. They are all 14.8cm wide and 21 cm tall. I am paid a small royalty for each sold. Go to my Inkpaintpaper shop here!