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"I'm fascinated by colour, light, and paint itself. In the last few years, I've enjoyed using my intuition to paint, just as much as observing the subtle changes of shape and colour as light shifts over a subject. I enjoy a feeling of mystery as I paint, not knowing what will appear or how a painting will turn out. There is a spiritual element in my abstract work and with still-life painting, there is often a relationship or story telling element that materialises.

Sometimes my paintings are bold and expressive, at others more quiet and considered, very much like the two sides of myself. I am still finding out what I find exciting to see and make. This could be portraying the way light falls around a small still life; or the feeling of wild freedom that the adventure of painting a landscape from imagination or an abstract of inner feeling brings. This is the energy of attempting to make the invisible visible.

Light always affects colour and form; so most of the time I find myself exploring this whether I am working from life or not. It’s not always in the dramatic paintings, sometimes it’s in the flow of the instinctive paint colour choices I make, or achieving the exact colour of light on the curve of a bowl and the elusive way the best paintings seem to make a surprise appearance.

My work is about exploration and discovery. I paint to feel adventurous and connected to something beyond me. My practice is a quest for the feeling of freedom and joy that painting in flow can give you."

freedom & flow

I am a colourist and an experimental painter of still life and intuitive abstracts.

As a child I was a dancer and actor, both things that brought me out of my, sometimes timid, self and improvisation was always my favourite aspect of both. That sense of freedom and immediate response are what I enjoy most about painting, it's probably the safest way to take risks!

My work has shown at the Mall Galleries and The Royal Academy in London where a couple of paintings were turned into a print and card for their shop in 2023. I have sold my work privately to buyers throughout the world and when Mary Portas bought a couple of my paintings in the early 2020s I was thrilled.

For over 25 years I worked as an illustrator so I am used to commissions, let me know if that's something you might be interested in.

If you're a budding artist do check out my page for artists to see how I might be able to help you. I believe every single one of us is creative, and though not everyone wants to paint, we all could in our unique way. I am now teaching in person as well as on line and you can join my list to be updated on where and when here.

To see where I am showing next check out my Events on my artist statement page.

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Art reminds you who you are

How do you like to feel and what would remind you of that?

People have many facets. Sometimes we want to be quiet and feel cocooned in calm in our own homes; sometimes we're bursting with wanderlust and want excitement and a feeling of expansion. My art aims to reflect these and other feelings with a wonderful sense of colour.

Our inner worlds can sometimes be very different to what we present to the world and the home is a place where we are all free to experiment with who we truly are, largely through what we surround ourselves with.

If you love colour, the beauty of small things, and the wonder of the landscape in and around you then a piece of my art could be a meaningful addition to your life.

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