GAbriella buckingham

You have many facets. Sometimes you want to be quiet; sometimes you're bursting with wanderlust and the urge to escape from the mundane. My art aims to reflect these moods with a wonderful sense of colour.

Our inner worlds can sometimes be very different to what we present to the world and your home is a place where you are free to experiment with who you truly are.

Displaying art that says something about your desires, or that makes you smile everyday is going to elevate your life and remind you to live the way you love to.

freedom & individuality

I believe every single one of us is creative, though not everyone wants to paint, we all could. If you're a budding artist do check out my page for artists to see how I might be able to help you. To see where I am showing next check out my Events on my artist statement page.

I am a colourist and an expressive painter. Sometimes my work is bold and sometimes it's ethereal. I make no apology for exploring all sides of myself. As a child I was a dancer and actor both things that brought me out of my sometimes timid self. Improvisation was always my favourite aspect of ballet and that sense of freedom and immediate response resonate today in my painting.

My work has shown at the Mall Galleries and The Royal Academy in London where a couple of paintings were turned into a print and card for their shop in 2023. I have sold my work privately to buyers throughout the world and since 2022 Mary Portas has bought a couple of my paintings which is such an honour! I worked for many years as a greeting card illustrator so I am used to commissions, let me know if that's something you might be interested in.

How do you want to feel? And what sort of art would remind you of that?


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