Frosted Floral Wrapping Paper

Frosted Floral Wrapping Paper


Three sheets of Frosted Floral Wrapping Paper with optional shimmering tags; this gift wrap design was created from ink drawings I made and painted ink and watercolour elements. It makes a perfect winter wedding gift wrap or Christmas Wrapping paper for gifts under a cool themed tree with it’s lilacs, greys and charcoal colours and little white snowflakes falling over roses and seedheads.

The wrapping paper is 70 cm long and 50cm wide and is folded down 4 times to fit into a cello bag. You can order this to be sent to you in a tube too if you want no creases whatsoever in your paper! Have a look for the tube listing to add this if you want it ( available from Nov 1st, both in the UK and abroad). Otherwise your wrap will arrive folded carefully in a packet.

All my wrapping paper is printed with vegetable inks in an environmentally friendly process here in the UK.

The gift tags, if you order them, are in sets of three and are printed on a shimmering pale gold card that catches the light and has a luxury feel. They measure 55mm x 89mm long and I hand chomp a little heart shaped hole in each corner.

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