Night Forest Christmas Wrapping Paper

Night Forest Christmas Wrapping Paper

from 5.50

A pack of three sheets of Night Forest Christmas wrapping paper with or without three tags.

This is an beautiful modern wrapping paper made up of textured collage elements and it is a multiway design with trees intersecting from opposite directions. It’s a great family wrapping paper - with a deep purple brown background with bright pink, yellow and blue Christmas trees and roses, white deer in the snow, and little log cabins.

Extra tags will be available to order separately in the shop in late October. If you want me to roll your sheets and send them to you uncreased I can do this. Please go to the shop and purchase tube delivery in addition to this order. This may not be available until after October 18th as I am currently on holiday.

Each sheet is 70cm long and 50cm wide and is folded 3 times to just under A4 size and your three sheets fit neatly into one cello bag for protection from the elements. You can of course order more than three sheets.

With 3 tags or none?:
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