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Hello . . .

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…fantastic to see you here! Welcome!

If you want to commission illustration I’d love to work with you; please view my portfolio here. I have 27 years experience as a professional artist and illustrator.

I’ve illustrated romantic fiction for magazines, designed hundreds of greeting cards and several children’s books. For fun over the past few years I’ve created repeat patterns for fabric and paper and produced my own collection of wrapping paper.

You can visit my shop, where you can buy original art and prints; commission portraits and find cards and wrapping paper always handy to have around for those important occasions, impromptu gifts or to decorate walls and surfaces! You can now buy from a selection of works on paper too, these are paintings on acid free cartridge paper - suitable for framing under glass. Frames are not included but may be shown for illustration purposes!

Lately I’ve become passionate about my painting, I’m self taught; though I have a degree in Graphic Design ( specialising in illustration ). I am inspired by colour, light and form; whether I create an abstract painting from imagination, a hand lettered greeting card or an observed still life. What all my work has in common is the expressive brush work, love of colour, and through the interplay of these - emotion.



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"Gabriella has a creativity that inspires everyone around her. Her enthusiasm and love for business are an inspiration and her product beautiful. I will be buying again."

— Fiona Humberstone - The Brand Stylist


Wrapping Paper

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Clients include: Ladybird Books, Camden Graphics, PaperHouse, Hallmark, Ling Design, Gibson Greetings, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Oxford University Press, Lion Publishing, Paperlink, Hoomark, Claire Madicott cards, Avocado cards, DC Thomson, Lloyds Bank, GE magazines, IPC Magazines, Red Robin Books, Dorling Kindersley and a variety of smaller private clients.

Email me at about any project or idea you think I can help you with.

If you're a small business owner and want me to hand letter some words or create some black and white icons (to be coloured or not) let me know what you need and I can quote for you. You can see the lettering work and illustration that that I created for Kathy Payne here and the logo and brand colours for Caroline Brogden here.

Here are a few examples of the breadth of my painting and illustration. Scoll down my portfolio page for a lot more!