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Art Courses

There are currently three courses available for you. They are all self paced courses and you can contact me any time while you're actively taking them. There are optional groups on my BIP platform for each course if you want to share your work with me and others for feedback or just to celebrate your joy in your work!

A few testimonials

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  • Just love this class! It’s progressing in a way which allows you to think and process what you see and hear. Full of inspiration, not only technical info. Thank you Gabriella!

  • There is something mesmerising and heartening about watching Gabriella paint. We hear her thought process, watch the decision-making, enjoy the ebb and flow, see the development of the paintings, and experience the highs and lows. By doing this it helps to galvanise us into action, and inspire us to work on our own paintings with a similar sense of fearlessness

    - Antonia - IGNITE YOUR ART
  • I really love this course. I've taken many classes and this one so far is just the best!! Thank you so much!!!

  • Experimental Still Life Art Course

    An exciting journey through the world of still life painting, from the ground up. Start with drawing, composition and colour before experiementing fully with styles, techniques and very different approaches. You'll discover how you love to paint and your preferred approach to still life and possibly other genres of art.

    This is my most in depth course.

    Allow 8 - 12 months to work through it at your own pace contacting me whenever you like with any questions.

    If you purchase this course it includes Hot Cakes.

    £695 ( payment plan available)

  • Ignite Your Art

    Watch me prepare for creating an intuitive landscape art collection with acrylic paint.

    Be guided by the steps I take and create your own intuitive art collection in 4 to 6 weeks.

    See what it takes, the persistence, the ups and downs and the completion of the collection.

    Feel inspired by the reality of the process and work alongside me, trusting that what you paint intuitively will lead you to something innate and personal.

    Allow 4 to 8 weeks to complete the course at your own pace.


  • Create a collection of small paintings that sell like hot cakes

    Hot Cakes

    Create a mini collection of art , attract buyers and build your email list through your favourite social media platform as part of this process.

    I discuss pricing for artists at any stage and give you worksheets and ideas to help you plan your marketing and sell your creations!

    If you buy this course it can be offset against Experimental Still Life.

    Work fast and intensively or take your time learning what works for you.

    Allow a few weeks for this process depending on how you decide to approach things!



Mentoring & in person teaching

"The mentoring session that I had with Gabriella was so helpful. She critiqued my website in
detail and gave me advice on setting up my store on Squarespace, Instagram posts,
launching a series and, most importantly for me, on taking good photographs of my work. I
now feel far better equipped to take on a more professional approach to promoting my art.
I’m very grateful!" -
Anne A


My mentoring style is informal and tailored to what you seem to need most.


  • Session one £80.00 (60 mins +)
  • 30 minutes - £30.00
  • 60 minutes - £60.00

Book whenever you feel you need to, there's no minimum session requirement.

As your mentor I will:

  • send you a few questions a few days before your session and check what you want to discuss before any subsequent sessions

  • hear what you need most through listening to you what brought you here and helping to clarify your priorities into achieveable goals

  • offer to share elements of your human design which give insights into the way you might work best. This is optional and I cannot give this information without your full cooperation and birth date; place and time in advance of our session.

  • answer your questions on any aspect of my own art business sharing about and supporting you with what may be useful in light of your own ambitions.

  • support your mindset and help you stay accountable (if you need this)

  • discuss your painting or process in light of your aims

  • make relevant suggestions for more enquiry

For availability please email me at

Payment is by Bank Transfer and is refundable up to 24 hours before our session. After that no refunds are available but we can arrange another time to talk.

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I month of skillshare classes free

When I first began teaching in 2018 I started out on Skillshare, three of my classes still exist there.. when I had brown hair! You can watch those and thousands of others via the link below for free for a month. If you stay longer I will earn a referral fee. Thank you if you do! :)

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