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Art Courses & free group

If you're a budding artist who wants to feel braver and more confident with their art then one of my courses could be perfect for you.

Visit to read all the details for Ignite Your Art which is a self paced recording of a live one month course that takes you through creating a collection of intuitive art (I chose to focus on landscapes). You'll also see my other course Experimental Still Life which is very in depth and is designed to take between 8 months and a year or so to work through. It will inspire you for life.

For both courses I use acrylic to paint with rather than oils. You also get lifetime access and you can message me anytime with questions.

I have a free membership on my course platform which has a weekly tarot read, an artist tips and tricks section and two groups for each course so that you can post your work. You don't have to be taking a course to be a member. All members can post and ask me questions in the free group! Join here.

I started my teaching journey on Skillshare and you can see my classes FREE here for a whole month!

Student Testimonials


  • Just love this class! It’s progressing in a way which allows you to think and process what you see and hear. Full of inspiration, not only technical info. Thank you Gabriella!

  • There is something mesmerising and heartening about watching Gabriella paint. We hear her thought process, watch the decision-making, enjoy the ebb and flow, see the development of the paintings, and experience the highs and lows. By doing this it helps to galvanise us into action, and inspire us to work on our own paintings with a similar sense of fearlessness

    - Antonia - IGNITE YOUR ART
  • I really love this course.I've taken many classes andthis one so far is justr the best!! Thank you so much!!!


Mentoring & Human Design

My mentoring style is conversational and informal. There is no minimum amount of sessions that you must book.

You can book me for half an hour or an hour and as often or as infrequently as you need.

There is no availability for these sessions until January but if you'd like more information please use my contact form below and I will send you details and put you on the waiting list.

I have invested in human design training so this is something that can be touched on in our consultation. For a more in depth report please book this at - subject to availablility. These take a while to put together!

Podcast & You Tube

I spoke to artist and entrepreneur Margo Tantau in 2022 about my journey to becoming a full time fine artist and potential future plans. It was so fun!

Thank you Margo x

In 2024 I'll be making more content for my You Tube channel. Catch a few gems there now... not sure how long I will keep my rant about being hacked on there so catch that before 2023 if you want to see what happened to me. A cautionary tale.

Listen here

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