Life is Still Life - Gabriella Buckingham

Life is Still Life

On Friday 18th November I took myself off on a day trip to Cambridge. I’d found out about an exhibition called Life is Still Life from artist friend Celia Hart . The show and a lecture that day was being held at Murray Edwards College which holds The Women’s Art Collection of circa 800 works. I decided to go a bit earlier than I needed to so that I could visit the Fitzwilliam and have a mooch about on the walk to the college.

On the way there I read some of my EAVA magazine - issue 2 - Roots. Find out more about the publication here if you like the look of it. As soon as I got it out the lady over the isle wanted to see it!! It turned out she was an artist and would be publisher.

I spent a while looking at beautiful 12-13th century vessels from Iran in the Fitzwilliam museum

Bottle fragment - 14th century Iraq - below , mentally I called it ghost bottle. A poignant image.

I roamed around for about an hour, I saw an Elizabeth Frink sculpture, a Prunella Clough abstract, a couple of Picasso’s and Sisley’s; suffice to say there were some striking art to read about and modern day ceramics on display near the shop. Shortly after this I wandered up Kings Parade to the CCA gallery and I almost bought the slipware bottle/vase by Maree and Paul Allitt on the left. I am so tempted, sadly its not one that is available on line. Though others are!

I continued walking to Bridge Street and stopped at Bridges - the cafe at no.20. Chocolate biscuit cake to die for. No photos of that… but my warm foccacia and herby cheese filling was delicious even if I can’t remember exactly what it was now.

On my way again I stopped off at Kettles Yard briefly and bought several arty cards before the remaining 10 minute walk to Murray Edwards college. I’d never been before. It’s set back from the road and as a pedestrian the unusual frontage is a surprise. The original buildings on the site of the Orchard, Huntingdon Road, from here I entered, were designed by Chamberlin, Powell and Bon – architects of the Barbican and Golden Lane Estates in London. Find many images here if you’re interested.

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